A Lazy Stroll on the Lyon Waterfront

Quai de Sâone

The city of Lyon is known for its gastronomy, culture, history as well as its silk craftsmanship. I could go on and on, its a hub for all things succulent, pleasing to the eye and engaging for the mind, the Exception Française if you will.

But Lyon is also more simply a beautiful city to discover on foot, whether strolling the Quai de Saône or the Quai de Rhône (the two waterfronts). The city is divided into three parts by the two rivers, the Saône and the Rhône mentioned above. The Presqu’île (peninsula) is the city center but if you want to get away from the crowds, we recommend walking down the riverfront on either side, the walk is just as enjoyable.

But what’s truly special and quite unique to Lyon is the beautiful light and how it changes the color of the waterfront buildings though out the day. Lyon’s architecture favors ochre, pink, yellow and off-white buildings. Go for a walk in the morning and the colors are brisk and bright. Wander down the riverfront in the afternoon and the city looks like a pastel 19th century impressionist painting.

It truly is a gem to be enjoyed year-round with no moderation.