A visit to the Marché de la Croix Rousse – Lyon

This is possibly one of the most charming markets I have ever been to, and I have chosen my words carefully. Living in France and up until very recently Paris, markets are so common we often forget how lucky we are to enjoy daily access to fresh produce at reasonable prices.

What struck me most about this daily market was how impeccably the fruit and vegetables were displayed and the respect of seasonal limitations. You certainly won’t see summer fruit in October at this market. Most of the vendors are also local producers, bringing down the price of the items. And in a way, I like the idea of supporting local producers and knowing the products come from close to home.

I’m very new to Lyon and the Rhône region, and I might add I may very well be worn by the Parisian bustle but it was incredibly refreshing and surprising how charming and welcoming the vendors were. They somehow figured we were new to Lyon (maybe by the constant questions we bombarded them with) and offered many recommendations and suggestions on how to cook and prepare their products.

I also loved the incredible variety of vendors. I spotted three rotisseries, two Chinese caterers, two caribbean caterers, including one we featured below who makes a mean Chicken Columbo, several florists, a cacti and succulents vendor, many fish markets, pork butchers, fresh produce, you name it, they had it. Truly a remarkable market.

Marché de la Croix Rousse

Boulevard de la Croix Rousse
69004 Lyon