My Fellow Traveler is a magazine that will explore France from a unique perspective. We will not only share enlightened opinions, but will probe beneath the surface. We’ll report on culture, entertainment, people and places and provide background on things to do, unusual shops, little known restaurants as well as local artisans who will share with us their passion and savoir-faire.

We originally launched My Fellow Traveler in France and while France is much more than Paris, the capital exerts an irresistible field of attraction, and we’ll be reporting on colorful developments of interest and importance nationally and in Paris.

Our contributors, whether natives or long-time Anglo residents, share a common trait: they experience life in France from the inside out and understand what readers may want to know.

We look at this country and its small towns and cities with a loving but critical eye, to bring you, the reader, in-depth updates, entertainment and opinions from our on-the-ground team.

This is a magazine for the first-time visitor as well the confirmed travelers .

So consider My Fellow Traveler, your helpful and useful travel companion.

Bienvenue! Welcome!

The My Fellow Traveler Team