Dîner en Blanc: White is the new black


If you happened to be in Paris last Thursday you might have noticed quite a few people – all dressed in white – swarming in the metro and Parisian streets. A familiar scene every second Thursday of June for the past 27 years, the Dîner en Blanc is quite the fête.

The idea is simple: everyone dresses up in their fanciest white items, prepares a delicious meal (white preferably) and come 8pm, an SMS arrives, with instructions as to where to meet up for an impromptu meal with 13,000 strangers, set in the most picturesque areas of Paris.Diner-en-blanc2

Though technically the event is not authorized by the city, the Mayor of Paris tolerates the Dîner en Blanc, mainly because it’s such a civilized gathering. The rules are simple. You come, you eat, you enjoy your evening and come midnight, you depart leaving NOTHING behind, as if you had never been there. No garbage, no broken glass.

This year, we were very lucky to be in the Garden of the Palais Royal, more specifically right in the middle of the black and white striped Colonnes de Burren. Diner-en-blanc1We had prepared our meal the night before, as do most people, and shared all our delicious dishes with our friends, who did the same. We made an oriental taboulé, sautéed flounder with a chive sauce and a potato salad to accompany the fish. A cheese course of Gorgonzola and Compté followed, with a final Cherry Clafoutis  for desert. And champagne and wine of course!

The weather was perfect, and the evening ended with every participant lighting sparklers handed out upon arrival at the Palais Royal. We have to admit, it really is quite a magical sight to see all the sparklers light up simultaneously.Diner-en-blanc3


You need an invitation to attend, so start asking around for next year’s event!