“Natural” is the Buzzword in Wines Today


Vins naturels are must-drink wines in Paris today. Yet, the wines, which are made from the purist of grape juices without any additives, are not necessarily a new concept. In fact, the concept is as old as some one-hundred year old vintages.

A Natural Trailblazer

Still, natural wines represent a small, yet singnificant, part of worldwide wine production and trade. In addition to Italy, France has been a trailblazer in both the consumption and production of vins naturels.Wine_glass

Not Easy to Find

The wines, which tempt wine aficionados to covet and collect bottles of the natural stuff, can be hard to find. In fact, some Parisian cafes and bars are only allocated a sole bottle from some of the vineyards that are famous for producing the natural wines.

Back in the Day

During the 70s, France elected to manufacture wines that underscored the character of consistency over anything else. However, at the time, a few dissenters stayed committed to drinking the pure, natural varietals, all which led to the opening of a few natural wine bars in the 80s. Back then, only four or five of the bars existed, some of which were the Café de la Nouvelle Mairie and the L’Ange Vin.

Enjoying a Glass at Café de la Nouvelle Mairie

Today, the natural wine pioneer, Café de la Nouvelle Mairie, is located indiscreetly, behind the Panthéon. A selection from the vineyard Domaine Overnoy-Houillon, is the ideal wine to enjoy in this retro natural café.

Only Sulfites are Added in Some of the Wines

All the natural wines, which eschew the use of artificial fertilizers and chemical sprays, are also fermented naturally, using only yeasts on the grapes as well as from the winery. Just a small amount of sulfites are included in some wines, while some wine producers totally forego the practice at all.

“Grower” Champagnes

Natural wines like Champagne Piollot, is a “grower” champagne, which comes from the Cote des Bar area of France. The vineyards, where the natural is produced, provide visitors with sweeping views and a tranquil location that rests close to the Seine River. An idyllic location for an idyllic wine selection.

Famous Naturals from Jura

Naturals are famously produced in the Jura region too. Natural white wines from this area are famous for their concentrated flavors. Appellations, such as Arbois and Cremant du Jura, represent the natural wine line-up, each of which are products of the great winemaker, Michel Gahier.

Other Favorites

Other natural favorites include the grape varieties of the Buzet appellation that are produced in southwest France. Grape varietals include Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet France, each of which comes from Domaine du Pech.

More Flavorful Selections

So, if you are a wine connoisseur, you cannot visit Paris today without enjoying the natural wine selections that are creating a sensation in the Parisian bars and cafes. Flavor is a benchmark of these “organic” wines, just as is it notable among fruits and vegetables that are produced in the same way.

The Way to Enjoy Wine in the 21st Century

Parisians know how to eat well and definitely understand the importance of providing wine that speaks to the palates of the younger generation of Parisian wine drinkers and consumers.

Café de la Nouvelle Mairie, 19, rue des Fossés, Paris 5