Francofile Central is Now My Fellow Traveler

Things are changing and it’s all for the best.

We say au revoir to Francofile Central and Bonjour, Hello, Buenos Dias, 您好 to our new website, My Fellow Traveler! We’ve loved sharing things to do, places to go and see, in France, and now we’re expanding to the rest of the world. With our network of localites, from Panama city to Barcelona, with a stop in Kuala Lumpur, we’re tapping into our global insider network and we’ll continue to bring you tips, reviews and insights from those in the know. To start things off, we’ll be featuring a post on Island Hoping in Malaysia, a restaurant review of Paris-based L’Auberge du Roi Gradlon, a visit of the vineyard Château Lanessan in the Bordeaux region.