Paris je t’aime

Though my Fellow Traveler covers cities and countries worldwide, the city of Paris holds a very special place in our hearts. The two co-founders of MFT are Parisian, one born-and-raised there, the other having moved to the city of light over thirty years ago.

After friday’s horrible attacks, we are at a loss for words. What can we possibly say that could help explain why such a horrific event happened? How can anyone justify the murder of innocent civilians, simply enjoying a warm friday evening on a Parisian café terrace we have sat at or a concert at the Bataclan we have also been to in the past? We don’t have an answer to this..

Paris’ symbol and motto includes a boat and the following latin saying: “Fluctuat nec mergitur” which signifies “tossed but not sunk”. And that’s how we are deciding to react from now on. Yes we are wounded, living in a daze these past few days, sad, revolted and incapable of comprehending these events. But we are also Parisians. We enjoy life to the fullest, indulging in too many drinks, rich food, an over-abundance of wine and cheese, cigarettes and the right to complain about everything and everyone in obviously blatant bad-faith. In essence, we are free and we will remain free. These abject people won’t bring us down.

To conclude, this is how we choose to think of Paris:  people enjoying a hot summer day, picnicking and drowning a drink or two, laughing with friends and just having a wonderful time.


Paris je t’aime