Top 5 Foodie Instagram accounts for great recipes

Photo Courtesy of SAVEUR Photo Courtesy of SAVEUR

Tis the season to discuss all things food. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, we happily plan on stuffing our faces with food for the next six weeks in celebration of the holidays mentioned above. But as much as we love to eat, we find ourselves in need of a bit of recipes and dishes inspirations.

There are many foodie accounts on Instagram to guide you through this season; here’s our top 5 Instagram accounts to follow, anytime of the year actually.

1: _Foodstories_ : Incredible sets, we wish our dinner table would look as spectacular.


2: SAVEURMAG: Beautiful imagery and even tastier dishes.


3: NYTFOOD: The food bible, need we say more?


4: DORIEGREENSPAN: Great recipes with a French twist.


5: SPLENDIDTABLE: The foodie National Public radio show shares many wonderful recipes.SPENDIDTABLE